In order to create a 'negotiable' market to favor our customer's needs and pricing demands, we have introduced the 'Make an Offer' program for the first time on our site. All eligible products will have a 'Make an Offer' button under the normal 'Add to Cart' section on the product page. Here, you can submit a request for a set amount of quantity at a specific price. Our team will receive your offer immediately via email, and if we agree on the terms we will provide an acceptance email with a coupon code to use on your order during checkout.

Step 1:

Click on the 'Make an Offer' button on the product page

(It's located directly below the social media links)

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Step 2: 

Enter your name, email, quantity and pricing offer. Click 'Submit'

DONE! You will either receive an approval email with a coupon code or a rejection email

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